March 7

Heads up – Factory Sound will be closed for Labour Day on Monday 13th March.


It is, of course, the annual celebration of 8 hours work, 8 hours recreation and 8 hours of rest, but for those who regularly perform, mix, lug, promote or support the Australian music scene, we already know that the 8-8-8 split is probably quite flawed. In fact it’s probably closer to 12 hours work, 7 hours traveling / waiting around and then a glorious 5 hours rest.

The fact that our work is our hobby, and is usually carried out with friends (or at least kindred spirits), means that 5 hours sleep and 19 hours fun is great compensation for complete detachment from the ‘reality’ of 8+8+8.

Whatever it is you’re up to over the Labour Day long weekend, stay safe and enjoy.

One of our favourite Factoryites has his birthday on March 12th, so he’ll be celebrating extra hard with a public holiday in his honour!

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