Konig & Meyer

Konig & Meyer 11900

Sound Isolation Stand

Order Code: 11900-000-55
Our Price: $250.00

Whether it's to protect the hearing of those sitting in front of the trumpets, or to stop sound spilling during an orchestral recording, the 11900 by Konig and Meyer is a cleverly designed sound isolation stand.

The stable tripod construction is as solid as any K&M microphone stand, and allows for safe and stable placement in the orchestra.

A quick-release 'V-block' connector makes for rapid assembly and deployment of the plexiglass screen, along with a simple way of packing up and storing the stands.

In keeping with the European Union directive on noise abatement aimed at orchestras, the concave shield provides hearing protection for the musician stationed in front of other performers. The stand can be used on both sides (as either concave or convex), depending on requirements.

Photo of Konig & Meyer 11900 available from Factory Sound
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Base diameter: 670 mm
Connection stand/shield: "V-block" connector
Shield dimensions: 450 x 240 mm
Height: 900 to 1,400 mm
Leg construction: socket with foldable legs
Material: stand steel, plexiglass shield
Rod combination: 2-piece folding design
Special features: can be used on both sides (concave, convex)
Weight: 3.02 kg