ODE - Control your lights over the network

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Controling your lights remotely using Ethernet or Wifi network has never been easier with the ODE. Simple to use and reliable it also allows you to interface popular Iphone, Ipad applications to your lights. The ODE is also perfect for distributing DMX signals over standard computer networks Cat5.

It uses a 5-pin XLR connector for the input and output (right out of the box, it's configured as an Ethernet to DMX Output device), and is very easy to re-assign using the Node Management Utility, freely downloadable here:

NMU download landing page for either Mac or PC
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Photo of Enttec OPEN DMX ETHERNET available from Factory Sound
  • 70305
  • 70305_dmx
  • 70305_ether


  • 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Supports Industry standard Artnet and ESP
  • Can be used as Input or Output
  • Status, Direction and Link leds
  • Ethercon connector
  • 7V DC jack
  • ARM 32bit Processor.
  • Upgradeable firmware