60-Channel, 24-Bit/192kHz high-end USB & FireWire Audio Interface

Our Price: $1,899.00

Bring your audio quality to a new level. FireFace UFX has got game, and brings it to the table big time, giving you 4 premium preamps with new parallel converter technology - that's not one but two converters per channel!

12 Analogue in, 8 analogue out, and including digital you get up to 30 I/O over specialised RME USB driver or firewire 400 bus. Complete stand alone mode, access DSP mixer from front panel. Record to a USB stick if that's what floats your junk. Full colour LED meter display.

Total mix FX ramps it up, allowing you to include compression and EQ, and allows you monitor reverb before the signal hits your DAW. And, like a bunch of high quality interfaces, UFX is ProTools ready. Did we already mention RME's industry leading Jitter Free steady clock technology.

Photo of RME FIREFACEUFX available from Factory Sound
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  • 30 Input / 30 Output channels
  • 12 x Analog I/O
  • 4 x Mic/Instrument Preamp, digitally controlled
  • 1 x AES/EBU I/O
  • 2 x ADAT I/O (or 1 x ADAT I/O plus 1 x SPDIF I/O optical)
  • 1 x Word Clock I/O
  • 2 x MIDI I/O
  • 1 x FireWire 400
  • 1 x USB 2.0
  • TotalMix FX