Beyerdynamic M130

Double ribbon microphone - Fig 8

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RRP: $999.00

M130 ribbon microphone by Beyerdynamic is perfect for uncoloured studio recording.

Use it to grab the room sound, on strings, guitar amps and as an overhead microphone. Typical of ribbon microphones, the dynamic transducer is sensitive and has a nice flat response. M130's double ribbon element has a superb transient response, creating a highly detailed sound with unequalled accuracy and transparency.

The bidirectional figure eight polar pattern effectively suppresses unwanted interference from the sides. The M130's balanced, uncoloured sound handles a wide variety of applications. In conjunction with the hypercardioid M160, the M 130 is ideal for creating an authentic MS (Mid-Side)  recording.


Photo of Beyerdynamic M130 available from Factory Sound


  • Studio recordings
  • Instruments
  • Overhead
  • Ambience recordings
  • MS (together with the M160) and Blumlein recordings


  • Double ribbon microphone
  • Consistent figure-eight polar pattern throughout frequency response
  • Superb transient response
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Characteristically warm and natural sound