ARX Audibox products are hand made in Australia, and a serve as innovative, useful tools for audio professionals around the world.

  • ARX USB DI Laptop DI: USB to 2 x XLR outputs Our Price: $299.00
  • ARX USBDIVC Laptop DI: USB to 2 x XLR outputs (with volume) Our Price: $315.00
  • ARX USBI/OVSR Broadcast standard USB Audio Interface Our Price: $625.00
  • ARX USBI/O XLR to USB In/Out Interface: Transformer Isolated Our Price: $399.00
  • ARX USB DI PLUS Dual Channel DI with Analogue or USB function Our Price: $315.00
  • ARX MSX48 16 in, 48 Out ISO-Transformer Microphone / Line Splitter RRP: $2,977.00