Zoom is a prime innovator in the field of 'handy recorders' for sound recordists and video makers around the world.

Since their inception in 1983, Zoom has been steadily paving a path for quality recording devices to be accessible by enthusiasts of all ages, with enough features and grunt to keep professionals happy.

Field Recorders
In recent years, ZOOM has produced solid state field recorders with features to rival those of the 'big boy' alternatives. Their F-series recorders includes the flagship F8n (now with Ambisonic compatibility), along with the mid-sized F4 and palm sized F1 variants

Handy Recorders
This is where ZOOM really cut their teeth with us at Factory Sound. From their miniature H1n, through to their H6 (and every model in between), Zoom has even introduced some serious innovation in the H-Series. Not only with their interchangeable microphone capsules for their higher-end models, but the new VR enabled H3-VR is a leap into accessible, immersive audio.

Video Recorders
In today's digital world, video plays an important role in helping musicians reach a wider fan base. But musicians can't rely on just any camera. They need one that records incredible audio. Zoom's Q-series video recorders are made for serious artists who demand nothing but the clearest, richest sound for their musical performances, rehearsals and live streams.

ZOOM is proudly on display at Factory Sound

  • ZOOM H2N Portable recorder - with M/S feature Our Price: $285.00
  • ZOOM APH-2N Accessory pack to suit H2n Our Price: $40.00
  • ZOOM EXH-6 XLR/TRS combo input capsule for H6 Our Price: $99.00
  • ZOOM H5 Handy Recorder - 4 track Our Price: $395.00
  • ZOOM AD14 Power Adapter, suit Zoom H4n Our Price: $25.00
  • ZOOM APH-6 Accessory kit for ZOOM H6 handy recorder Our Price: $79.00
  • ZOOM SGH-6 Shotgun Capsule for H5 & H6 Handy Recorder Our Price: $172.00
  • ZOOM APH-5 Accessory kit for ZOOM H5 handy recorder Our Price: $78.00
  • ZOOM TAC-8 8-ch Thunderbolt Audio Converter Our Price: $1,098.00
  • ZOOM TAC-2R 2-ch Thunderbolt Audio Interface + MIDI Our Price: $495.00
  • ZOOM UAC-8 8-ch USB 3.0 Audio Converter for Mac and PC Our Price: $967.00
  • ZOOM UAC-2 USB 3.0 Audio Converter for Mac and PC Our Price: $429.00
  • ZOOM H4nPRO Handy Recorder - 4 channel, handheld Our Price: $369.00
  • ZOOM F4 Multitrack Field Recorder with Timecode Our Price: $995.00
  • ZOOM PCF-4 Protective case for Zoom F4 recorder Our Price: $149.00
  • ZOOM H1n Portable micro SD card recorder Our Price: $175.00
  • ZOOM F8N MultiTrack Field Recorder Our Price: $1,575.00
  • ZOOM Q8 HD Video with 4-track audio Our Price: $799.00
  • ZOOM Q4N Handy video recorder Our Price: $479.00
  • ZOOM H3-VR Virtual Reality Recorder Our Price: $589.00
  • ZOOM Q2N Handy video recorder - palm size Our Price: $335.00
  • ZOOM F1-LP F1 Field Recorder and Lavalier Mic Our Price: $258.00
  • ZOOM F1-SP F1 Field Recorder and Shotgun Mic Our Price: $390.00
  • ZOOM BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter for H3-VR Our Price: $59.00
  • ZOOM APH-4NPRO Accessory kit for ZOOM H4nPRO handy recorder Our Price: $79.00
  • ZOOM F6 Multitrack Field Recorder with 32-Bit Float Our Price: $1,049.00
  • ZOOM Q2n-4K 4K camera with superb audio Our Price: $375.00
  • ZOOM H6BLACK 6 track portable recorder - all black Our Price: $649.00
  • ZOOM MSH-6 Mid-Side Mic Capsule for H5 / H6 Our Price: $179.00
  • ZOOM APH-1n Our Price: $37.00