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A new speaker system, high-output laser projector and controlled automation for a large multipurpose facility

What is the space?

  • Huge gymnasium, which doubles as the largest assembly hall in the campus
  • Used for regular parent information meetings, performances and assemblies with over 1000 people
  • Used for whole school mass and presentation events

What was the problem?

  • School was struggling to use the old equipment, which was quasi-portable yet required significant setup/packdown for each event
  • Audio system was considerably undersized for the venue’s needs
  • Projection was inadequate for use during daylight hours, restricting the capabilities of events and sessions
  • System was all analogue, had multiple points of failure and could not be operated from the appropriate locations in the hall

What was our solution?

The perfect choice for the speaker system was the RCF HDL Series Line Array cabinets. HDL Series allows ample volume, excellent directivity of the sound and does not require additional subwoofer reinforcement for the vast majority of events. The sound has completely ‘blown away’ the users and parents, who immediately noticed the improvement.

The stage area was suitable for rear-projection from a new 300” motorised screen.

A high output Laser Projector gives suitable brightness and contrast for the image size. Motorised Blinds were used to allow darkening / shading of the highest windows, restricting bright sun and allowing the new projection system to be used at any time of day.

The lectern was developed as a main control centre for the space – with audio, video & data connections, plus a built-in touch screen system providing access to all functions.

Some LED stage lights were integrated into the system, allowing colour spots/washes to be recalled by the presenter at the touch of a button. House lights were also built into the control system.

Of course, no AV solution is complete without automation programming, to give the users appropriate amounts of interaction – but restricting the capabilities for misuse. A school multi-purpose hall is the quintessential use-case for automation and, with Q-SYS, our team managed to exceed the client’s expectations of simplicity and reliability. The control positions from lectern, side of stage and rear of room all work simultaneously and control Lights, Blinds, Audio, Projection & Video.

I thought it was a great outcome. Really easy to follow button presses and matching wall control. Elegant. Exactly why you guys are doing the job!
Anthony Prescott
De La Salle College

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