Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre

A three-stage upgrade of AV infrastructure, including Q-SYS ecosystem for easy control

What is the space?

  • Largest Aquatic and Indoor Sports Hub in Victoria
  • Championship / International level events held
  • Victoria’s premium indoor 50m pool and Diving Facility
  • Outdoor Aquatic Stadium used at Commonwealth Games
  • Huge warm water, wellness and spa facility
  • Large kids / splash pools, training pools
  • 3 x Stadium Halls for national level indoor sports
  • NBL Basketball Showcourt stadium

What was the problem?

  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools had ‘mishmash’ of equipment without any automation, using analogue technology and reliant upon human training to use
  • Each system/area was operated with different control methods, which was confusing to users
  • Each key area was its own system – no centralised control, no remote monitoring
  • Site-wide paging was via EWIS/EVAC system only, and not functional for day-to-day paging. There was no automated messaging system.

Such a large and vibrant facility was struggling with an audio system which had far too many limitations and ‘problematic’ operations. No two spaces shared the same equipment, operational instructions, nor performance. This meant a maze of errors, ‘gotcha’ moments and workarounds required to hold events simply and and run day-to-day operations. A holistic site-wide upgrade and design process was needed.

What was our solution?

Stage One addressed control for the Indoor and Outdoor Pool areas. We chose QSC Q-SYS as the robust (yet sophisticated) ecosystem, adding automated touch screens to simplify the operations. This vastly simplified the operators’ experience when running events.

The Speakers in all aquatic zones were upgraded, to give more suitable audio distribution and vastly improved audio quality. Part of this upgrade stage included the zoning of specific areas to allow localised sound control.

Q-SYS Active Noise Limiting and volume tracking ensures the outdoor pool audio is suitably contained within the venue and no longer causes neighbour disturbance.

Stage Two was to implement the site-wide paging, music and messaging system. This allows scheduled messaging to occur, plus user recorded announcements and, of course, simple paging operations which are now highly intelligible across the centre.

The Albert Park complex is now split into more than 30 zones of audio – all individually processed – and centrally managed from multiple locations, including wifi/BYOD access. The MSAC control room features additional system monitoring and can act as the hub across all of the AV in the facility.

Stage Three – stadium speakers upgrade. With the stadium control upgraded to same the DSP and touchscreen products, Aquatics and Stadiums are now all part of the same Q-SYS ecosystem.

Remote backup service for all facilities is now possible, vastly improving service and fault rectification. Power management of the AV is now automated, reducing running costs and energy consumption.

The Q-SYS system is easily expandable with additional audio, video and control items. As the venue evolves and refreshes, extra components can seamlessly join the AV backbone now in place.

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