Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre

A control system for site-wide simplicity, with a new speaker system for clarity of important messaging

What is the space?

  • Originally built in 2014
  • PARC is a large regional indoor aquatic centre (50m pool, kids splash pool, warm water pool, waterslide and teaching pools) – based in Frankston, Victoria
  • Vibrant and hugely popular group fitness, cycle/spin, wellness and other fitness instructional areas
  • Large, fully-featured gymnasium with Circuit and Performance Training areas

What was the problem?

  • Failing and decentralised AV in the group fitness rooms
  • Overly complicated, yet very limited user controls
  • Underspecified audio system for requirements
  • No ability to automate messaging across site
  • Unreliable and poor-quality analogue site-wide paging system

Attempting to further ‘band-aid’ the issues would have been futile, and the subsequent upgrade to the Q-SYS control system proved to be the key to this project being successful.

What was our solution?

Across various stages, the entire AV backbone and endpoints were upgraded to become a single central system to manage, monitor & control all AV services.

Each key area of the facility has local controls via touch panels which can also be accessed from master panels in the administraion office for building services team to adjust when required. The bespoke GUI panel, designed by Factory Sound, is super-simple for staff to use.

Speaker systems in each studio and the pool areas have been upgraded to vastly improve intelligibility of voice, and presence of music.

The Q-Sys digital platform allows all video walls, TV’s and other displays to be part of the same control system as the audio. Not only are functions easier to control, there is now far greater reliability.

Thanks to the customised, fully user-managed audio messaging system included with the Q-Sys control system, PARC can schedule all regular messages to play automatically to any zone they wish. It’s also easy for staff to to record and schedule announcements from the simple interface.

Bonus features should now be ‘the standard’

The entire Q-Sys eco-system is networked, allowing remote support to be available for the entire complex.

Live streaming system is automated from the studios, allowing instructors dead-simple control over what and when to stream to their digital platform.

Power management of the AV is now automated, significantly reducing running costs and energy consumption.

The system is easily expandable with additional audio, video and control items which can seamlessly join the AV backbone now in place.

Just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU. Your team is so great to work with! You are both always so helpful and quick to respond. This has such a positive impact on our service delivery and our team. Thank you
Shannon Mounsey
Heath and Fitness Manager

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