Allen & Heath, get a free ME with any Qu

Tone is busy trying to find the fine print, but honestly, with his eyesight… it’s all fine print.

Buy a Qu-Series mixer from now until April 30th 2017 – get a FREE ME-1 personal mixer

There. That’s better. No fine print. Nothing complicated.

ME-1 (the skinny)

Hook one or more ME-1 personal mixers into your Qu-16C, Qu-24C or Qu32C, and your on-stage talent can take full control over their wedge or in-ear mix.
Check here for a more detailed ME-1 explanation (including video) via our ME-1 product page.
It’s currently on sale for $899, so obviously FREE is an even better price.
Get in touch if you’re interested.

This offer must finish April 30th, 2017

Don’t get stuck in the queue. Get a Qu and receive ME-1 too!