Allen & Heath Qu-Series – Special Promotion

What’s better than our bottomless stack of A&H Qu-series digital mixing consoles?
FREE MICROPHONES when you purchase a new Qu!
From now until Dec 31st  2016*, if you purchase a Qu-Series mixing console from Factory Sound, we’ll throw in not one, but two Audio Technica ATM350 clip-on microphones.
Since their release, Allen & Heath Qu-Series mixing consoles have been right up there as just about the most popular and hard-working digital consoles we’ve ever had available.
With I/O on the rear, and an easy-to-navigate surface, Qu-Series mixers are still the talk of the town – and can be seen in venue installations for church, pubs featuring live music, school auditoriums, along with a variety of touring performers and operators.
Qu-16C – 16 mono inputs, 3 stereo inputs
Qu-24C – 24 mono inputs, 3 stereo inputs
Qu-32C – 32 mono inputs, 3 stereo inputs
All three mixers feature moving faders, control via iPad, and some seriously powerful on board effects.

Audio-Technica ATM350 clip-on microphone

Now that your interest has been piqued somewhat, let’s dig a little deeper into the ‘freebies’:

Audio-Technica ATM350

What a little ripper this mic has been. Those of us old enough to remember (which applies to plenty of us here at Factory Sound) will have a foggy recollection of ATM35, which looked a lot like this microphone, but was attached to a whopping big power pack, remeniscent of the original car phone format (not really quite that big).
Fast forward to about a decade ago (yes, we’ve really got nothing better to occupy our minds with here), and Audio Technica came out with the now thumbs-up-emoji-inducing ATM350.

What’s so good about it?

ATM350 is great for saxophone and trumpet, thanks to a simple clip, lightweight gooseneck, and the great sounding cardioid condenser capsule. It will work perfectly as a ‘snappy’ tom microphone, equally well-performed for hand drums and snare drum.
There is even a nice mount to help ditch the gooseneck and use ATM350 on a violin.
We’re seeing ATM350 get used mainly for sax and trumpet, but plenty of violin players (and PA operators) are coming in Factory Sound to grab a handful of these mics.

Buy a Qu, get TWO AUDIO TECHNICA ATM350 for nix!

That’s the deal – it’s as simple as that.
Hit us up for advice if you need, and we’ll make sure you get looked after.

*please note – promotional stock is limited – this offer may expire before Dec 31st 2016. We’ll updated this post if that happens.