With so many in-ear monitoring options out there thesedays, we’re often asked for tips and tweaks to improve performance.
Of course, the best results are going to come when you go and get molds made for your own ears. When it’s the experimental stage at the beginning of your in-ear relationship though, there’s a great way to improve your performance.

Comply tips

COMPLY foam tips offer superior sound isolation, in-ear retention and comfort. With options for Westone, Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Ultimate Ears and loads more, they’re the simplest way to immediately improve your in-ear clarity and isolation from other stage sound.
Isolation Series T-Series Foam Tips are all about noise isolation. The unique, bullet-shaped tapered design seals the ear canal perfectly to block out external sound and keep clear, rich music in. Hear more of what you want to hear – not what you don’t.
Earphones have different soundport nozzle designs and sizes, so COMPLY has tips to fit them all, based on 4 main models (100, 200, 400, and 500).
Factory Sound keeps good stock of the whole T-Series range, with Small, Medium and Large sizes available for each of the models.


T-100 (small, medium, large) suits
Shure: SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535, SE846
Westone: UM-1, UM-2, UM-3X, UM-PRO
T-200 (small, medium, large) suits
AudioTechnica: ATH-IM70
Ultimate Ears: UE200, UE300, UE350, UE400, UE500, UE600, UE900
T-400 (small, medium, large) suits
Sennheiser: IE4
T-500 (small, medium, large) suits
AudioTechnica: ATH-IM50BK, ATH-IM01, ATH-IM02, ATH-IM04

The Comply Story

We didn’t know too much about Comply until last year, so here’s a bit of their back-story (taken from their website)
“At Hearing Components, Inc., parent of the Comply™ brand, we develop products with an unrelenting passion for hearing.  We do this with a keen interest in providing you with an awe-inspiring listening experience while preserving your ability to hear and communicate.
“Our story begins in 1990 when Robert Oliveira, Ph.D. (Dr. Bob) spun the Comply™ brand of products out of 3M.  A serial inventor and biochemist, Dr. Bob worked at 3M for 18 years developing products ranging from biochemical diagnostics to surgical instruments.  An ear canal expert, he also led a team at 3M who developed the world’s first FDA-approved cochlear implant.  Dr. Bob’s research, presented worldwide, demonstrates that the shape and opening of the ear canal changes as one’s jaw opens and closes.  Ear canal shape also changes with such attributes as an individual’s weight, age, and level of hydration.  This discovery of the ear canal’s dynamic nature led our development of numerous unique and patented memory foam solutions to protect and enhance hearing, including the world’s first memory foam earphone tip.
“Offering superior sound isolation, in-ear retention and soft comfort, Comply™ foam tips are sold globally to top brands and through distributors and retailers.  First used for audiology products, our technology has expanded into consumer electronics, military, law enforcement, industrial communications and hunting.  Today, over 75 earphone brands choose Comply™ tips as part of their earphone solution for the ultimate listening experience.
“In high-noise environments, Comply™ has become the standard for many communication systems used in military and industrial settings.  As a result of Hearing Components’ knowledge and expertise, we have been awarded several sizable research grants from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)
“We are a R&D focused company, and we are proud to say that all of our products are made in the USA… just a stone’s throw from our parent, 3M, in Oakdale, MN.

“You’ll never listen to anything the same again.  We promise.”

So there you have it. COMPLY has quite the background in protecting our ears. You get six (3 pairs) tips in each pack, making Comply Isolation tips an excellent way to improve the sound of your in-ear buds.