We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sennheiser evolution wireless G4 series, since it was announced earlier this year.
The eagle has landed!
Our website has been update with new model numbers – and if you’ve gotten used to the nomenclature used since Sennheiser first launched evolution wireless (way back when dial-up modems were a new thing), this little comparison chart for the 100 series will be very handy:
EW100G4-845-S :: Handheld system with 845 (dynamic, cardioid) capsule – replaces EW145G3
EW100G4-935-S :: Handheld system with 935 (dynamic, cardioid) capsule – replaces EW100-935G3
EW100G4-945-S :: Handheld system with 945 (dynamic, supercardioid) capsule – replaces EW100-945G3
EW100G4-CI1 :: Instrument bodypack system with CI1 guitar cable – replaces EW172G3
EW100G4-ME2 :: Lapel bodypack system with ME2 (omni) lapel – replaces EW112G3
EW100G4-ME3 :: Headset bodypack system with ME3 (cardioid) headset – replaces EW152G3
EW100G4-ME4 :: Lapel bodypack system with ME4 (cardioid) lapel – replaces EW122G3
Of course, we’ve also added the new 500G4 series, the new EWIEMG4 series, plus the portable (camera mount receiver) kits for the 100 and 500 series.
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be drilling in to take a closer look at these great new wireless systems.
In the first of our videos, Tone and Artie dig into the 100 G4 series, for an ‘unboxing’ and a comparison with the hugely popular and reliable G3 series:

We’ll keep you posted with any updates, as they happen.