From time to time, we get a rush of blood and order way more speakers than we really need to – and right now, we’ve got a BIG load of ART 7 Series speakers in stock.
Luckily, these BIG boys from RCF have come into stock at the right price, so in the usual Factory Sound way, we’re making sure you get looked after, and the savings are passed straight through to you.
Lets dig in and take a closer look…
RCF ART 7 series


Since the introduction of the new Mk4 version of ART7 series, we’ve been steadily adding models to our speaker shootout room.
Of course, the little pocket-rocket ART710A Mk4 has been hugely popular right from the start – and why not! With 129dB Max SPL, and 1400 watt peak (normal operation sees 500w going to the 10″ and 200w tickling the 1″), ART710A Mk4 is great for powerful, mobile work including DJ gigs with a sub underneath, for acoustic solo/duo acts as the front of house PA system, for corporate AV presentations and even for full band applications, as a compact and powerful stage monitor (foldback).
Stepping up from there, we have the 12″ ART712A Mk4, and the larger 15″ ART715A Mk4 – with both of these speakers sporting the same amplifier module as the little 10″ ART710A Mk4, and all happily finding a home at Factory Sound.

Enter the BIG boys of ART7 Series

Ever since Dean fired up the larger members of ART7 series in our showroom, he’s been on a mission to tell everyone about it.
There are 3 models in the “BIG boy” part of ART7 series.
ART732A Mk4 = BIG: 131 dB Max SPL from 12″ (w/ 2.5″ VC) and 1.4″ (w/ 3.0″ VC)
ART735A Mk4 = BIGGER: 132 dB Max SPL from 15″ (w/ 3.0″ VC) and 1.4″ (w/ 3.0″ VC)
ART745A Mk4 = EVEN BIGGER: 133 dB Max SPL from 12″ (w/ 2.5″ VC) and 1.4″ (w/ 3.0″ VC)

More detail:

ART732A Mk4 sits nicely at home as either a foldback wedge (stage floor monitor) with plenty of grunt, or as a Front of House speaker.
If you like the sound of a 12″ as your main PA, then ART732A Mk4 represents tremendous power, and (while stock lasts) great value for money.
ART732A Mk4 extra info:
Weight = 18.8 kg
SPL = 131dB Max
1400W peak
500W supplies the 12″ (with 2.5″ voicecoil)
200W supplies the 1.4″ (with 3.0″ voicecoil)
RRP = $2,299*
SALE = $1,379 – limited availability, while stock lasts
ART735A Mk4 is a 15″ version of the above ART732A Mk4. The 15″ works very well as a main PA speaker for your DJ gig, or in front of a band.
Because of the naturally extended lower frequency response you get from a 15″ woofer, you might find many situations where an additional subwoofer is not needed.
ART735A Mk4 extra info:
Weight = 24.4 kg
SPL = 132dB Max
1400W peak
500W supplies the 15″ (with 3.0″ voicecoil)
200W supplies the 1.4″ (with 3.0″ voicecoil)
RRP = $2,599*
SALE = $1,559 – limited availability, while stock lasts
ART745A Mk4 is truly the BIG boy of the ART7 series. Like the ART735A Mk4 above, it’s a 15″ enclosure, but you also get more level out of the “745” and in an added bonus, it’s a little lighter.
Use ART745A Mk4 when you want to ensure the message gets heard – whether it’s in front of a band, or in outdoor public address situations.
ART745A Mk4 extra info:
Weight = 22.0 kg
SPL = 133dB Max
1400W peak
500W supplies the 15″ (with 3.5″ voicecoil)
200W supplies the 1.4″ (with 4.0″ voicecoil)
RRP = $3,669*
SALE = $2, 195 – limited availability, while stock lasts

What to do next?

As always, if you need advice (or simply want to check these out ‘in the flesh’) get in touch with Factory Sound and we’ll make sure you get looked after.
*Any mention of Recommended Retail Price in this article is reference to the price suggested by each relevant authorised Australian importer or wholesaler for resale in Australia. The special prices mentioned are set by Factory Sound, and can not be continued once stock has depleted. All prices are $AUD and including GST. E&OE.