DPA Location Sound Microphone Kit

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The DLS4000 Location Sound Microphone Kit from DPA is a meticulously assembled package designed for high-quality audio capture in film and TV production environments

This kit includes a variety of shotgun and condenser microphones, preamps, and numerous accessories such as cables, clips, and mounts, all housed in a durable carrying case

Ideal for booming and precise sound capture, it ensures versatility and reliability in field recording scenarios.

What’s in the box

The DLS4000 Location Sound Microphone Kit contains the following mics and accessories.


2 x 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Microphone
1 x 4098 CORE Supercardioid Mic, White, MicroDot, 16 cm (6 in) Boom, full Gooseneck
2 x 4060 CORE Omni Mic, Normal SPL, Beige, MicroDot 
2 x 4061 CORE Omni Mic, Loud SPL, Black, MicroDot 
2 x 4071 CORE Omni Mic, Presence Boost, Loud SPL, Black, MicroDot
1 x 4661 CORE Heavy Duty Omni Mic, Loud SPL, Black, MicroDot 
2 x 6060 CORE Omni Submini Mic, Normal SPL, White, MicroDot 
2 x 6060 CORE Omni Submini Mic, Normal SPL, Beige, MicroDot 
2 x 6061 CORE Omni Submini Mic, Loud SPL, Black, MicroDot 
2 x 2017 Shotgun Microphone
2 x 4017B Shotgun Mic
2 x 4018C Compact Supercardioid Mic


2 x MMP-ES Preamp with Modular Active Cable, XLR, Side, 3 m (9.8 ft)
2 x MMP-GR Preamp with Modular Active MicroDot Cable, Rear, 1.8 m (5.9 ft)
4 x DUA0073 Foam Windscreen for 4017
2 x DUA0041 Foam Windscreen for Pencil Mics with Active Cable
1 x DUA6004 High Boost Grid for 4060 Series Lavalier and 4066/4266 Headset, beige, 5 pieces
1 x DUA6002 High Boost Grid for 4060 Series Lavalier and 4066/4266 Headset, black, 5 pieces
2 x DMM0011-B Magnet Mount
1 x DMM0521 Concealer for Lavalier Microphone, 5 pieces
1 x DMM0522 Concealer for 4660 Heavy Duty Lavalier Microphone, 5 pieces
2 x CM1618B00 MicroDot Extension Cable, 1.6 mm
2 x CM2218B00 MicroDot Extension Cable, 2.2 mm
4 x DAD6003 Adapter for Sennheiser SK
4 x DAD3056 Adapter for Lectrosonics LM, SM, UM Series (for Low DC Microphone)
1 x DUA9302 Paintable Cap, 3 pieces
2 x GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount for Pencil Microphones
2 x CSM4000 Compact Shock Mount
2 x CM4099 Clamp Mount
2 x UC4099 Universal Clip
2 x DAD6001-BC Adapter MicroDot to 3-pin XLR
2 x DUA9002 Shock Mount for Pencil Microphones


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