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Includes 1x e602-II, 4x e604, 2x e614 in a custom slim-line aluminum case with die-cut foam to protect your investment

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Sennheiser e600 Drum Case includes 7 microphones for drum applications, including studio and stage.

A case for everything, and everything in the case

Included in this package is the large-diaphragm e602-II kick drum mic. The cardioid, dynamic mic is, according to Sennheiser, “Solid, lightweight, and easy to position. For studios, clubs, rehearsal rooms, smaller gigs, or for home recording”

You also get a pair of overhead microphones – e614. These pencil-syle microphones are supercardioid, condenser. They work well on a variety of percussion instruments as a stereo pair, but have been included in this kit specifically for overhead duties.

Close miking is taken care of with the 4 x e604 clip-on microphones. You get one for snare, and the rest for toms. Also works if you’re rocking 3 snare drums and a single floor tom. The e604 is cardioid, dynamic, lightweight, compact, and each one comes with the very hand MZH604 rim-clamping mount.

You don’t get extra microphone cables in this package, but you definitely get Sennheiser’s excellent ‘Made in Germany’ quality included.

Step it up:
If you’re looking for the next level, scroll down for the related microphones that feature in Sennheiser e900 series

  • e 614: for demanding instrument recordings, and performances that produce extended frequencies, high SPL handling and transient response. For woodwind, strings, and home recording
  • e 604: for toms, snares, and percussion, clips-on quickly and easily wherever you choose. Tough, reinforced housing, and clamp
  • 602-II: for bass drums, bass guitar cabs and tubas. Solid, lightweight, and easy to position. For studios, clubs, rehearsal rooms, smaller gigs, or for home recording.

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“It rejects off-axis sounds brilliantly, so there’s no danger of other drums or instruments bleeding into the kick drum recordings. This saves a lot of time and effort during the EQ stage of the mixing process.”

Darren, Head of Technical Sales

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