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EW-DX SKM-S (S4-10)

Handheld transmitter with switch (630 – 693.8 MHz)

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Sennheiser EW-DX SKM-S S4-10 is a digital wireless handheld transmitter with a switch, ready for use with whichever microphone capsule best suits your needs. With a metal housing, the robust handheld transmitter suits perfectly for daily use on stage. Adding to that a persistent E-Ink display and charging contacts for in-device charging it makes this the best in class wireless system we’ve seen

No capsule included – so here are a few great choices:

For entry-level presentation or stage use, choose MMD835 (cardioid) or MMD845 (supercardioid). Professional entertainers may enjoy the extra clarity with the next step up, MMD935 (cardioid) or MMD945 (supercardioid). If you’re touring, or simply play on a loud stage, have a closer look at the new premium touring capsules, with high-rejection of feedback, and an ultra-clear sound – MM 435 (cardioid) and MM 445 (supercarioid).

Frequency Set: S4-10 = 630 – 693.8 MHz

Ditch the single use AA batteries: For all EW-DX Series wireless, the smartest choice it to use the BA70 Lithium Ion battery pack. It delivers up to 12 hours of operation (as opposed to up to 8 hours of operation with AA batteries). You can charge a couple of BA70 Li-Ion batteries with the L70 USB charging dock – or grab them together in the EW-D CHARGING SET package.

  • 134 dB input dynamic range – no need to set gain on your wireless transmitters at all, thanks to proprietary Sennheiser Performance Audio Codec (SePAC)
  • 10mW fixed RF power for up to 100 m/328 ft of range
  • Charging contacts for in-device charging with CHG 70N charger (sold separately)
  • Persistent E-Ink display for “always on” information – parameters visible on screen even when taking out batteries
  • Up to 12 hours of operation time with rechargeable lithium ion battery BA 70 (sold separately)
  • Function buttons – control all the transmitter settings directly from the handheld including button lock function
  • Digital audio trim
  • Test tone generator
  • Switchable LED configuration (On/Off)
  • Switchable low cut (Off, 30 ,60, 80, 100, 120 Hz)
  • Versatile charging options optionally available: CHG 70 N, L 70 USB, LM 6070 Module for L 6000 full rack charging station (Availability in 2023)
  • Sennheiser Standard Capsule Interface – compatible with a wide range of Sennheiser and Neumann capsules (sold separately)
  • Metal housing

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“It rejects off-axis sounds brilliantly, so there’s no danger of other drums or instruments bleeding into the kick drum recordings. This saves a lot of time and effort during the EQ stage of the mixing process.”

Darren, Head of Technical Sales

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