Hands up if you want FREE HEADPHONES!

The latest promotion from the Australian importer of SHURE, is this:

Buy Shure Wireless and get a free pair of Shure SRH440 headphones*

We’re not clever enough to reword their promotion, so here’s a blatantly verbatim grab from their promotion package…
“Shure offer a wide variety of wireless options for musicians, presenters, vloggers and fitness instructors, all built with the robustness and reliability that Shure has become known for. How about a brand new FREE pair of headphones to go with your purchase? Choose a participating Shure Wireless System and for a limited time you’ll receive a free pair of Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones by redemption*”
The asterisk info, also worded by Jands:
*One redemption per qualifying Shure Wireless System (SVX, BLX, GLX-D and SLX complete wireless systems) during the redemption period. Off valid until 11:59pm 29/01/2017 or while stocks last. Full terms and conditions are available at www.jands.com.au/wireless-redemption

What can we do to help?

Of course, to get the FREE headphones, you’ll need to purchase some Shure Wireless.
Give us a call, come in to the showroom, or simply send us an email… if you have questions about wireless, we will make sure you get looked after.
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