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Monitor / Speaker Isolation Stands with Adjustable Tilt, sold as singles (each). Designed for subwoofers, providing superior isolation and bring out the real “punch” in the bass and a clearer more accurate sound. 20×25.4cm x 12.5cm high, 27.2kg capacity

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IsoAcoustics ISO-200SUB is an acoustic isolation stand to suit a studio subwoofer, up to 34kg.

ISO-Stands utilise lsoAcoustics patented isolation system to provide superior isolation and decoupling from the supporting surface.

The ISO Stands are an updated version of the popular ISO-L8R series and feature a low profile, new frame design and a newer version of isolator for improved performance.

The stands are biased to keep all energy in alignment with the listening position, providing greater clarity and focus.

Whether you’re a a musician creating in a home project environment, or a professional mixing in the studio, you’ll hear and appreciate the difference with ISO Stands. It’s simply the best investment you can make for superior audio.

Find your size:

Large monitors: ISO-200

Medium monitors: ISO-155

Small Monitors: ISO-130

Landscape orientation: ISO-430

Subwoofer: ISO-200SUB

Dimensions (WxDxH): 200mm x 255mm x 95mm
Tilt: No
Weight Cap: 34kg
Quantity: 1 Stand (Single)


“It rejects off-axis sounds brilliantly, so there’s no danger of other drums or instruments bleeding into the kick drum recordings. This saves a lot of time and effort during the EQ stage of the mixing process.”

Darren, Head of Technical Sales

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