Microphone Dualdyne Cardioid Dynamic Black Finish


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KSM8 – in black

For a high performance stage microphone, discerning singers should take a good look at Shure KSM8.

This new style of vocal microphone has had quite a buzz around it (the good kind), since it was first released midway through 2016.

What is Dualdyne™ all about?

KSM8 features a patented cartridge design with two ultra-thin diaphragms (one active, one passive) and groundbreaking reverse airflow technology. This helps with a number of factors, so let’s lift some words directly from Shure’s website:

Every Spot is a Sweet Spot

Excellent control of proximity effect entails extension of effective working distance (“sweet spot”) to an unprecedented range from 0 to 5 inches, which offers a consistent sound despite microphone technique varies among different users.

Warm and natural, low to high

Experience it like never before – the flattest mid-high frequency response ever seen on a dynamic microphone. With proximity effect virtually eliminated, KSM8 is capable of reproducing warm, natural and open sound accurately with little or no EQ required.

Polar Pattern Consistency

KSM8 Dualdyne offers a more linear response on axis with improved rear rejection. This results in a more consistent sounding microphone even if the sound source is off axis.

No matter how much hype is surrounding any new-realease microphone, it’s always worth your while testing it out with your own voice, and your own ears. Come in to our South Melbourne showroom and have a try, straight away you’ll work out if this is the mic for you.

  • Patented cartridge design featuring two ultra-thin diaphragms (one active and one passive) and groundbreaking inverted airflow system.
  • Exceptional control of proximity effect vastly increases working distance without on-axis coloration.
  • Accurate frequency response due to controlled proximity effect which allows for neutral mid-and-high frequency reproduction, resulting in the most natural sounding dynamic microphone available.
  • Off-axis attenuation is flat and broad resulting in superior quality of rejection of unwanted sound sources for increased vocal clarity.
  • Advanced Pneumatic Shock Mount design for exceptional rejection of handling noise without any loss of low frequency response.
  • Dent-resistant, hardened carbon-steel grille design lined with hydrophobic woven fabric provides exceptional plosive and wind protection, while offering virtually waterproof protection.

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“It rejects off-axis sounds brilliantly, so there’s no danger of other drums or instruments bleeding into the kick drum recordings. This saves a lot of time and effort during the EQ stage of the mixing process.”

Darren, Head of Technical Sales

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