Original price was: $949.00.Current price is: $820.00.

Original price was: $949.00.Current price is: $820.00.

Microphone Dualdyne Cardioid Dynamic Black Finish

KSM8 – in black

For a high performance stage microphone, discerning singers should take a good look at Shure KSM8.

This new style of vocal microphone has had quite a buzz around it (the good kind), since it was first released midway through 2016.

What is Dualdyne™ all about?

KSM8 features a patented cartridge design with two ultra-thin diaphragms (one active, one passive) and groundbreaking reverse airflow technology. This helps with a number of factors, so let’s lift some words directly from Shure’s website:

Every Spot is a Sweet Spot

Excellent control of proximity effect entails extension of effective working distance (“sweet spot”) to an unprecedented range from 0 to 5 inches, which offers a consistent sound despite microphone technique varies among different users.

Warm and natural, low to high

Experience it like never before – the flattest mid-high frequency response ever seen on a dynamic microphone. With proximity effect virtually eliminated, KSM8 is capable of reproducing warm, natural and open sound accurately with little or no EQ required.

Polar Pattern Consistency

KSM8 Dualdyne offers a more linear response on axis with improved rear rejection. This results in a more consistent sounding microphone even if the sound source is off axis.

No matter how much hype is surrounding any new-realease microphone, it’s always worth your while testing it out with your own voice, and your own ears. Come in to our South Melbourne showroom and have a try, straight away you’ll work out if this is the mic for you.

  • Patented cartridge design featuring two ultra-thin diaphragms (one active and one passive) and groundbreaking inverted airflow system.
  • Exceptional control of proximity effect vastly increases working distance without on-axis coloration.
  • Accurate frequency response due to controlled proximity effect which allows for neutral mid-and-high frequency reproduction, resulting in the most natural sounding dynamic microphone available.
  • Off-axis attenuation is flat and broad resulting in superior quality of rejection of unwanted sound sources for increased vocal clarity.
  • Advanced Pneumatic Shock Mount design for exceptional rejection of handling noise without any loss of low frequency response.
  • Dent-resistant, hardened carbon-steel grille design lined with hydrophobic woven fabric provides exceptional plosive and wind protection, while offering virtually waterproof protection.

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Always friendly service here. Knowledgeable staff with well priced products
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Went in to get a wireless system for my trumpet. Jason got me sorted on the spot and hooked me up with a better price than was available online. Thanks team!
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Great service
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Quick service and reasonable price. Angus was helpful and transparent.20/07/23 Update. I had an issue with some equipment that I purchased from these guys, and true to form, they were supportive and gave me consistent feedback on the progress of my concern. Elliot and Darren were incredibly committed to getting me a satisfactory result. I have recommended Factory Sound to my mates because I actually believe that they will be taken care of.
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After my experience on the weekend and again today - I would definitely recommend 100%... I am so happy with my pa speakers. The staff are so helpful!
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05:12 20 May 23
The only place to buy pro audio gear from. Been coming here for over 20 years, and a lot of the same staff still look after me. Says a lot about their business. The best service, advice and gear every single time. If they don’t have it, they’ll get it for you. No need to worry about pricing, theirs is ALWAYS the best. All the staff go out of their way to help you, and will always get back to you. Cant’ recommend this place enough, 5 stars doesn’t seem like enough.
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06:34 03 Apr 23
Really nice guys to deal with really know that stuff about the equipment and will not steer you towards a more expensive product if you don't need it
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