2x OC818 Microphones, 2x Mini XLR, 2x Mic Clip, 2x Windshield (boxed)


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Austrian Audio OC818-LIVE is a pair of multipattern studio microphones with a few extra tricks under their hoods.

Each microphone is exactly what you’d find inside the box of an OC818 Studio – just without the extra ‘studio-vibe’ accesories – ie, this pair does not include the suspension, gooseneck popfilter or hardcase. It’s simply a pair of the wonderful OC818 microphones, with foam windsocks and ‘standard’ stand mounts – ready for your touring rig as drum overheads, guitar microphones, or all kinds of orchestral applications.

Of course, OC818-LIVE also includes a couple of the mini-XLR adapter cables – just like you’d find in the ‘studio’ version – meaning that the dual output functionality is still most definitely available in this live pair variant.

It also means that you can (instead) connect the optional OCR8 bluetooth remote to each OC818, allowing for iOS or Android control over the pads, filters and polar patterns of your microphones. This is especially useful if you’ve got the microphones stuck up a tree inside your concert hall.

Cardioid-only version:

If you’re not requiring the multipattern functionality (or the wonders of dual output), check out the equally high-performing OC18-Live (pair) or OC18 studio (single).

  • 2 x O818 multipattern condenser mic
  • 2 x OCH8 standard mic stand adapter
  • 2 x OCW8 foam windsock
  • 2 x mini XLR cable (for dual output)

 OC818 features:

  • multiple polar patterns
  • microprocessor control of polarisation voltages
  • 2 different analog high-pass filters with 3 settings
  • 2 different types of analog pads
  • dual outputs for recording each diaphragm separately
  • debuts Austrian Audio’s Open Acoustics Technology
  • handmade in Vienna (again!)

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“It rejects off-axis sounds brilliantly, so there’s no danger of other drums or instruments bleeding into the kick drum recordings. This saves a lot of time and effort during the EQ stage of the mixing process.”

Darren, Head of Technical Sales

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