Our clients

Below is a selection of clients and projects who are happy to recommend Factory Sound as their first choice for such a solution.

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Who we’ve worked for


  • Site Wide PA Systems, Bells, Lockdown and Messaging Systems
  • School Performing Arts Halls, Theatres and performance spaces including specialised sound, lighting, video systems with all levels of tech available
  • Draping and specialised curtains for performance areas
  • Automated and simplified control over otherwise complex AV systems
  • School Video-casting / Podcasting / Broadcast rooms

Health & Fitness

  • Group Fitness and Cycle Studio AV – from robust simple systems to the ultimate in class, including VideoWalls, Virtual Classes and Special Effect Lighting
  • Site-wide messaging & announcement systems, covering all zones of the venue
  • Aquatic PA Systems
  • Outdoor PA and announcement systems for sporting clubs, fields and stadiums


  • Restaurant, Bar & Function Space AV systems with a wide variety of brands, to suit all budgets
  • Simplified control over zoning, switching and BYOD equipment


  • Function rooms and meeting spaces of all sizes
  • Customised control solutions to ensure peace of mind and reliable operations
  • Audio, Video, Lighting & Other Automation with central control for simplicity
  • Foyers and Meeting Areas


  • Sound system designs to improve performance of difficult acoustic environments
  • Projection, Multi-display & Video Wall solutions for visual reinforcement
  • Complete AV packages to suit all types of worship facility – all sizes and requirements
  • Automation solutions to allow control of services without any tech knowledge
  • Live camera streaming and recording systems, from simple to sophisticated


  • Community centres, libraries and other government facilities – both indoor and outdoor

Professional Studios

  • Custom furniture design
  • Acoustic treatment solutions
  • Infrastructure, cabling, patch panel design and installation


  • Networked and standalone PA and messaging systems

Factory Sound boasts a client list that stands as testament to its reputation for supplying Australia with cutting edge audiovisual solutions. Be it a cafe, bar or restaurant requiring distributed sound for chilled beats and easy control for staff who need to focus on customers ahead of wrangling a cumbersome audio system, to a full audiovisual solution for a performing arts centre, satisfying a huge user list and keeping a steering committee happy along the way, Factory Sound has the know-how to make it all happen.