We're extremely lucky to have such incredible coffee surrounding our space in South Melbourne. When Dead Man Espresso was opened back in 2009, a simple BGM system was required to ensure patrons could enjoy the vibe being put out by DME staff. Simplicity needed to be the key here, as there's no time for fiddling with a sound system when you're cranking out the amount of quality caffeine these guys provide seven days per week.


A speaker system to cover both the indoor and outdoor dining areas, driven by the in-house iPod.

Our Solution

This background music system needed to be simple-to-control from behind the service counter, cost-effective, and also reliable as Dead Man Espresso is a very well-patronised breakfast and lunch cafe, best known for brewing a killer coffee, open 7 days per week.

The AMIS120 amplifier is easily powerful enough to run the 4 speakers distributed throughout the space. This provides excellent coverage, and correctly combines the incoming left and right signals from the iPod into an easily distributed mono signal. Quest MS601W speakers were used - 3 indoors and 1 for the outside area. Corrosion resistant grilles and mounting hardware are included. Overall volume control is done via the amplifier front panel controls, and should the outdoor speaker need attenuation, a separate wall control was installed.

Additional Information:

Commissioned August 2009

For more information on Dead Man Espresso, go to deadmanespresso.com.au