We start with concept and design analysis during the consultation phase of your project. This can be as simple as asking how you envisage a boardroom microphone system being positioned, to a sophisticated 3D modelling and acoustic analysis of an auditorium using the latest software to ensure adequate coverage at all important parts of the room.

Keeping abreast of latest and emerging technologies allows us to specify solutions that are not only ‘future proof’ but also allow for easy use by all level of operators. We do the hard work ‘inside the box’ to ensure that the user experience can be as simple as using a touchpad where appropriate.

Advanced certification and training in many areas allows the Factory Sound Installation Team to design a solution to meet or exceed your expectations. This includes AMX Gold Level programming, BSS Soundweb certification and Bosch Commercial system specification and delivery, amongst others.

This combination of real-world experience coupled with ongoing certified training allows Factory Sound to design systems that simply work.