Factory Sound has never and will never sell, rent or distribute InfoPool database information to any other company. Longtime Factory Sound customers know that we are fiercely independent, and we protect not only your information, but also our own livelihood. To ensure the integrity of our 'email contacts', we partnered with Impact Data Pty Ltd in 2007.

Impact Data are a secure service provider who take steps to ensure data security including use of industry leading hosting providers in Australia and the United States.

If you would like to receive a copy of your personal information stored by Impact Data, or to ensure its accuracy, please click here to submit a request.

Factory Sound collects personal data responsibly at point of sale, and during the quoting process - whether this discussions have happened in store, via telephone, or via email inquiry. This information is kept inside our point-of-sale software, not inside our sales staff personal address books. We do this to ensure that quotations are accurate and if any further discussions are required before a purchase is completed, our sales staff have all the necessary tools to make follow-up contact, including telephone and email references - regardless of who is helping you through the process.

Should you be concerned about any of your personal data stored at Factory Sound, please contact or call 1800 816 244 and talk through your concerns.

If you ever wish to be removed from the InfoPool list, simply send Factory Sound an email and you will be promptly removed.

Please note - when you click 'subscribe' on our home page, your first name, last name, email address are sent to our portal at Impact Data, via a secure (encrypted) connection.

A note on SPAM

Factory Sound DOES NOT deliberately send unsolicited email. If you are receiving emails from, it means you have submitted your email address to us during one (or more) of the following occasions:

  • You gave it to us at Point of Sale
  • You subscribed via our website
  • You registered for one of our sales
  • You swiped an information card at one of our trade show appearances
  • Somebody else used your email address for any of the above bullet points of points 1-4
  • You have purchased an item from our webstore

If you believe you are receiving emails in error, please either hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the relevant email, or read it and take advantage of our special offers!

Please ensure you have read ?PRIVACY STATEMENT? (see above).