Located in Melbourne's East, this impressive looking shrine is even more majestic once you step inside. The ornate paintings and intricate detail are truly something to behold. St Anthony's Shrine needed to improve the reproduction of speech and singing, as the old sound system was no longer achieving the desired results. One of the key requests was to make the system as simple to use as possible. We needed to be mindful of not allowing our speaker choice or placement interfere with the exquisite interior of the shrine.


Replacement of existing public address system, including microphones, speakers and control system. In an acoustically reflective environment, provide full and reliable coverage of the shrine paying particular attention to clarity of spoken word.

Our Solution

Speakers were the easiest part of this design and installation. JBL Control28T in white not only have an unobtrusive appearance, but the sound is clear and mounting is easy. The seventeen speakers are powered by a single QSC ISA800Ti amplifier.

The tired-sounding existing microphones were replaced, and extras added where needed. In this case, Shure was the brand best suited. MX412 and MX418 podium-style microphones, with MX202 for choir duties and SLX1485 for wireless lapel coverage. 

The Digitool by Architectural audio easily handles the system mixing, equalisation and protection – with a simple wall-control for manual level setting.

Additional Information:

Commissioned February 2010

For more information on St Anthony's Shrine and Capuchin Friars, go to capuchinfriars.org.au