The supply stage of our service is as sophisticated as it is simple. Although product procurement is by no means a 'paint-by-numbers' affair, the vast resources at our fingertips and within arm's length make the process both swift and accurate.

Our vast inventory range and stock holding, coupled with second-to-none warehouse and logistics staff means that no job is ever at the bottom of the pile when it comes to attention and allocation. In fact, because our supply chain is such a well-oiled machine, many other commercial installers use Factory Sound for the bulk of their product procurement.

Because the consultation and design phase of a project requires transparent communication, deadlines and updates for special-order items required for any given project are both requested and discussed whenever necessary.

So whether it's ensuring we've got enough cable to start the 'rough-in' before the plasterers and painters arrive, determining the type and length of hearing loop induction tape required before the carpet layers begin, or making sure that the correct coloured speakers will arrive into Australia before the due-date of a project passes, you can be sure Factory Sound has got your back the whole way.