Music Creation and Notation for Schools and Institutions, Teachers and Students

There is no question who is #1 when it comes to music notation software.

Launched 18 months before Factory Sound, Sibelius made its debut in April 1993, and was contained on a single 3.5-inch floppy disc!

The education versions of Sibelius Ultimate (which is ideal for composing, arranging, and publishing scores and parts of any size and complexity) – are available as either a perpetual, or subscription-based license – for teachers and for students (or for a school, in the rare case that you’d just want one or two licenses)

While the choices for scoring and notation are fairly heavily weighted in the Sibelius direction, the road to music creation, recording and production has many lanes – each heading in slightly different directions.

That being said, the undisputed King of the recording jungle is still Pro Tools.

There are EDU (teacher / student) and EDU (institution) versions of Pro Tools – with a subscription licenses available:

“Help…my licenses are running out!!!”

Do not panic. Factory Sound has a wealth of experience at making sure subscription renewals are hassle-free. For both Pro Tools and Sibelius, there are renewal options to ensure not only are you using up-to-date software, but you’ll also get another 12 months of support added in.

If you’ve got any worries, get in touch and we’ll make sure you get looked after!

Multi-seat and Network Options

If you’re a school who is after a couple of seats worth of licences – for Pro Tools, or for Sibelius – there are a variety of ways to ensure you get the best possible value for the school budget.

As always, get in touch and we’ll find the best way to get you sorted.