Rycote 045001

InVision Universal Pop Filter

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Seriously, how much development can you put into a pop shield? Heaps if you are Rycote.
If your idea of a popfilter is a stocking over a couple of coathangers, this should ramp it up a notch for you.

Here’s the blurb straight from Rycote: The InVision Universal Pop Filter has been specifically designed to optimise vocal performances, utilising a custom mesh capable of attenuating low-frequency vocal pops and thumps by up to 20dB, and causes no audibly detectable high-frequency loss, unlike many ordinary nylon pop screens.

– Up to 20dB attenuation of pops & thumps, with no HF loss
– Removable foam for a clean, hygienic studio
– Universal clamp allows the Pop Filter to fit on virtually any shock-mount

The pop filter’s ergonomic frame is designed for placement near the mouth and face of a vocal artist, and fits a specially manufactured acoustic foam mesh filter, which can be removed for cleaning or replacement (spare foams are available separately). The Pop Filter is designed to lock tightly on the USM‘s outer support ring, but will equally fit almost any other mic suspension thanks to its universal screw clamp.

Width: 130 mm
Height: 155 mm
Weight: 45 g
Suitable for Microphone shock-mounts with diameters between 3.00mm and 12.5mm

Foam Thickness: 10 mm
Distance from mic: 70 mm
Rotation: 360°
Minimum clamp: 3.0 mm
Maximum clamp: 12.5 mm