Classic FET-Style Compressor with MIDAS transformers

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What’s all this, then?

Klark Teknik has put their own twist on the classic FET-Style limiting amp, by throwing in some Midas-designed input and output transformers and calling it their own.

Designed as an homage to the classic 1176LN, every effort was made to keep the 1176-KT FET-Style Compressor true to the original D and E versions of the iconic signal processor. Klark Teknik has “modernised the completely discrete signal path using hand-selected components” in addition to their “custom-engineered MIDAS input and output transformers” to offer excellent performance in either a studio or live sound setting (or both).

76-KT Compression Ratio Settings:

Like the original, the compression ratio is selected by pushing any, or all, of the Ratio buttons located to the left of VU meter. Ratios available are: 4:1 for moderate compression; 8:1 for severe compression; 12:1 ratio for mild limiting; and 20:1 for hard limiting. Using the “All-Button” mode can be especially effective when applied to drums, bass, guitar, and room mics – or for more aggressive “in your face” vocals.

There’s a lot to like about Klark Teknik’s verison of the 1176, especially the price! If you want to watch someone recite the words from KT’s website, without actually plugging signal through the 1176-KT, knock yourself out and hit the video tab below…

1176-KT features:

  • Classic FET-style compressor modeled after iconic 1176LN*, D and E Revisions
  • Completely discrete signal path
  • Class-A line-level output amplifier
  • Custom-built, MIDAS input and output transformers
  • Push button selection of compression ratios: 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1
  • Ultra-fast attack time: 20 to 800 microseconds
  • Adjustable release time: 80 to 700 milliseconds
  • Vintage-style meter features gain reduction and output
  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs on Neutrik* XLR connectors
  • Rugged 2U rackmount chassis for durability in portable applications
  • Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.