Konig & Meyer 12244-000-55

Music stand light – Double 2 LED FlexLight

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Konig & Meyer 12244 is a music stand light, with 2×2 LED, easy clamp and flexible gooseneck.

This light weight and very flexible gooseneck music stand light is powered by 3 x AAA batteries. Each of the two goosenecks feature 2 x extra bright LEDs. Each of the 4 LEDs can be controlled separately.

Includes clip to attach to music stand, desk, etc.

Can also be used with a power supply unit (available separately).

When you’re done with the gig, you can also use 12244 back in the hotel room… clamp it to your favourite hardcover Harry Potter book and you can read by LED while the rest of the band sleeps. Lumos!

Clamping range: up to 25 mm
Intensity: 2 x ~ 1300 lux
Light positioning by: gooseneck
Lighting appliance: 2 x 2 LEDs
Material plastic
Power supply: battery operation 3 x Micro (AAA) 1.5 V;
or mains power with power unit (sold separately)