Konig & Meyer

Konig & Meyer 18865

Support Arm SET A for Spider Pro

Order Code: 18865-000-35
Our Price: $159.00

For SPIDER PRO keyboard stand.

This additional arm set (SET A) is used with a SPIDER PRO keyboard stand, allowing you to add a 3rd keyboard to the rig.

K&M 18865 is extendable, allowing for support depth of 300-490mm, and support width of 650-940mm.

It's 'flat' - no tilt angle - and will support a keyboard up to 35 kg.

If you need a 15° tilt for your 3rd keyboard, check out K&M 18866 - Support Arm SET B

The 15° tilt angle places your 3rd keyboard at an easy-reach position for brain-melting lead breaks.

Photo of Konig & Meyer 18865 available from Factory Sound
Material: aluminium
Max. load capacity: 35 kg
Special features: telescopic
Support depth: 300 - 490 mm
Support width: 650 - 940 mm
Type: black anodized
Weight: 0.95 kg