Konig & Meyer 195/8

Speaker Mounting Adapter (slotted plate)

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This speaker mounting adapter is ideal to retro-fit a speaker with a ‘hat mount’, without actually cutting a hole in the bottom of your speaker.

It’s a solid, slip-on plate with your choice of hole spacing, thanks to the slots – from 100 to 152 mm.

K&M 195/8 fits onto any standard speaker stand, with the 35mm opening in the tubing.

If you’re after a standard hat mount, check out 19656


Bore holes: 35 x 9.5 mm (2 x )
Dimensions: 175 x 110 x 104 mm
Function: to screw on speakers,
to slip on stand
Material: steel
Spacing of holes: from 100 to 152 mm
Suitable for tubing
diameter of:
35 mm
Type: black
Weight: 0.68 kg