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Konig & Meyer 19727

iPad Air 2 holder - stand mount

Order Code: 19727-000-55
Our Price: $119.00
Very similar to 19724 iPad Air holder, this all new 19727 is designed especially for iPad Air 2.
As a stand mount, 19727 is useful for holding your iPad Air in the perfect spot - whether you're using it to trigger backing tracks, scrolling through chord charts or lyrics, or even as your stage monitor mix controller. 
Like all K&M iPad holders, it's dead-set simple to clip your iPad Air in or out, yet it's held securely in position.
Portrait mode or landscape view, the holder smoothly rotates through 90° into the perfect viewing spot.
The strong prismatic element with its ergonomic clamping screw allows the iPad holder to be attached quickly and easily to any tubes up to 30 mm diameter.
Photo of Konig & Meyer 19727 available from Factory Sound
  • 19727-00-55
  • 19727-00-55-rear
Screw on to:

tube diameter up to 30 mm

Angle of inclination: 0° to 90°
Bearing plate: 249 x 178.7 mm
Material: plastic, steel
Max. load capacity: 0.75 kg
Special features: iPad Air 2 is easily clipped into the holder;
  lightning connector and headphone jack are accessible;
  freely rotates 90°;
  suitable for iPad Air 2
Swivel: 90 º
Colour: black
Weight: 0.65 kg