Konig & Meyer 199

Lightweight, compact, straight mic stand

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While it won’t quite fit in your pocket, K&M 199 is an extremely compact and lightweight straight microphone stand.

With a three-piece shaft, it can fold down to just 56 cm.
Weight: 1.52 kg

The lightweight plastic base means that this mic stand is better suited to a presentation situation, with a dynamic vocal (speech) microphone. If you’d like to put up an expensive (and heavy) studio condenser, you’ll be better off choosing a heavier microphone stand.

Height: from 625 to 1,480 mm
Height adjustment: non-scratching locking screws
Leg construction: socket with foldable legs
Material: steel
Rod combination: 3-piece folding design
Size when folded: 560 mm
Threaded connector: 5/8″
Type: black
Weight: 1.52 kg