RodecasterPRO (2 presenter pack)

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Containing everything you need for two presenters (or a presenter and a guest), this RodecasterPRO pack is perfect for taking your broadcast or podcast away from the studio and into your bunker.

The hub for this whole package is the amazingly well-appointed RodecasterPRO – integrated production console. With connectivity for a simple mix-minus to allow phone-in hook ups, plus programmable pads for sound bites, station ID or even whole interviews, it’s a panel that anyone can operate.

With two Rode PODMIC microphones, and DS1 desk stands to suit, it’s easy to place the mics nice and close to each presenter. We’ve also included a 1m connecting cable for the panel operator’s mic, and a 3m cable for the guest (or 2nd presenter), who is operating at a safe distance. 

Individual monitoring is via the comfortable AudioTechnica ATH-M20x headphones, which are enclosed to avoid feeding the sound back into each Podmic. Each presenter can adjust their own headphone level via a knob on Rodecaster PRO.

Record to SD card, or send your program to out via L & R analogue outputs. Rodecaster Pro is a simple OB solution.

2 Presenter Pack comprises:

1 x RodecasterPRO,
2 x Podmic,
2 x DS1,
2 x ATH-M20x,
1 x XLR1-ST (1m presenter cable)
1 x XLR3-ST (3m guest cable – safe distance)