20cm Hot Shoe Extension

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20cm Hot Shoe Extension

This very handy SHOE EXTENSION has a slightly misleading name – given that it’s actually a cold shoe (ie – no power will pass through).

Nevertheless, both this and the shorter 10cm Shoe Extension are terrific additions to any video rig.

The shoe extension allows you to fit multiple attachments such as lights and additional mics to your single hot shoe on your camera.

Because the Hot shoe Extension can rotate 360° around the shoe fixture on the camera, your microphone can be easily moved out of shot and also adjusted to achieve the optimum balance.

Width: 20 mm
Length: 20 cm
Height: 25 mm

Fits camera-mounted female hot shoe extensions.

20cm Hot Shoe Extension features:

  • Allows for multiple accessories to be attached to a single Hot Shoe Extension
  • Increases versatility of camera

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