Konig & Meyer

Konig & Meyer 210/6

Tall Boom Stand

Order Code: 21060-500-55
Our Price: $95.00

In some cases, it's quite desirable to carry a little extra weight. Who is really going to put a $1K+ studio condenser on a cheap light-class stand? Our SECOND most popular stand at Factory Sound has a cast metal base with long folding legs.

Ideal for live or studio use.

Height: 925-1630mm
Boom Arm Length: 805mm.
Weight: 3kg

German made and highly popular due to its durability and price.

Photo of Konig & Meyer 210/6 available from Factory Sound
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  • 210_6b_base
  • 210_6b_swivel
Boom arm one-piece design
Boom arm clamping wing nut
Boom arm length 805 mm
Height 925 - 1,630 mm
Height adjustment clutch
Leg construction socket with foldable legs
Material steel
Rod combination 2-piece folding design
Special features zinc die-cast base
Threaded connector 5/8"
Type black
Weight 3.04 kg