Konig & Meyer

Konig & Meyer 211/1

Telescopic Boom Arm

Order Code: 21110-500-55
Our Price: $49.00

Replacement boom arm - our favourite. With the t-bar tightening mechanism, telescopic maneuverability and solid construction, the 211/1B is built to go the distance.

2-piece telescopic boom arm with silent, scratchless swivel joint for adjustment of angle. Easy tightening with T-bar locking screw. Weight: 0.8kg, Boom Arm Length: 470 - 770 mm

Photo of Konig & Meyer 211/1 available from Factory Sound
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Boom arm 2-piece telescopic design
Boom arm length from 470 - 770 mm
Clamping T-bar locking screw
Material steel
Threaded connector 5/8"
Type black
Weight 0.78 kg