Konig & Meyer 21435

Tripod Speaker Stand (steel)

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Tried balancing your $2000 speaker on a wobbly, cheaply constructed insurance-buster stand?

Actually, don’t bother. Our favourite tripod (21435) is perfect for nearly every powered or passive speaker box with a standard mount hole in the base. Weight: 5.3kg, Height: 1320-2020mm. U-profile leg construction, non-marring height-adjustment mechanism and safety pin security lock. Extension tube diameter 35 mm. GS-approved for loads up to 35kg. No wonder it’s a winner.

Try 21436 for the slightly lighter aluminium version.

Height from 1,320 – 2,020 mm
Height adjustment locking screw with push-button system
Leg construction tube legs with cross braces
Material steel
Max. load capacity 35 kg
Rod combination 2-piece folding design
Special features patented gradual height adjustment system;
integrated shock absorber;
Tube end(s) diameter 35 mm
Type black
Weight 5.3 kg