Konig & Meyer

Konig & Meyer 23510

Stereo mic bar - swivel adjustable

Order Code: 23510-500-55
Our Price: $39.00

Stereo microphone bar, swivel adjustable.

Get your pair of microphones in exactly the right position with K&M's fully adjustable 235/1 stereo bar.

Each bar is fitted with a captive knurled screw. The entire bar can be screwed onto all standard microphone stands with a 5/8" threaded connector.

Length: 215mm

Photo of Konig & Meyer 23510 available from Factory Sound

For a wider option, check out 236 - quad mic bar

Length: 217 mm
Material: steel
Number of knurled screws: 2 pieces
Special features: moveable bars on both sides to position the
  connects to top of mic stands with 5/8" thread
Thread connector 5/8"
Type black
Weight 0.14 kg