Konig & Meyer

Konig & Meyer 23750

Fishing Pole - 2 Section, Aluminium

Order Code: 23750-000-55
Our Price: $125.00

K&M 23750 is a lightweight, nicely balanced 'fishing pole' for shotgun boom applications.

Made from aluminium, it weighs in at just 0.46kg, making 23750 ideal for long days on the boom.

Choose your favourite shotgun/blimp combination, and away you go!

The handle is compact (55 cm),with a padded section that features some anti-slip material, so you won't lose your grip when you're sweating bullets at the important moments.

Carry case (not padded) is included, and the 1.6m pole shrinks down to 63cm for storage and transport.

Fishpole: Aluminium 2 Section: 3/8" thread: Length 635mm-1600mm: 0.46kg

Photo of Konig & Meyer 23750 available from Factory Sound
  • 23750-000-55
  • 23750
  • 23750-case

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Adjustment: locking rings
Length: from 635 to 1,600 mm
Material: aluminium
Rod combination: 3-piece folding design
Special features: rubberised anti-slip grip section;
  carrying case included
Threaded connector: 3/8"
Type: black
Weight: 0.46 kg