Konig & Meyer 23910

Quick release adaptor for microphones

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K&M 23910 is a superb little quick release adaptor for microphone stands in the studio.

Grab a handful of these, pop them on your microphone stands, and you’re in business.

Once you’ve attached your ‘go-to’ studio microphone in position, it’s then just a simple twist to quickly swap a different microphone into the same place – all locked securely, with no risk of cross-threading your expensive studio microphone shockmount.

The adapter is made of high-quality aluminum. A thread adapter is included with the delivery for 5/8″ threading. Leave both adapter components in place for a quick and easy setup and packdown.

Dimensions: 22.5 x 50.7 mm
Female thread: 5/8″ with thread adapter 3/8″
Male thread: 3/8″ with thread adapter 5/8″
Material: aluminum
Special features: incl. thread adapter 3/8″ – 5/8″
Colour: black
Weight: 0.04 kg