Konig & Meyer 24110

Adjustable speaker wall mount (rated to 50kg)

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Konig & Meyer 24110 speaker wall mount bracket is suitable for up to 50kg max weight, with adjustable angles from 0° to 22°

Screw-on wall mount with innovative, patented straddling bearing-anchors. Suitable for speakers with connector diameter of 35/37 mm. This mount provides simple attachment and guaranteed effective clamping of speaker in any position.

This elegant speaker wall mount includes 11 different settings to allow the speaker to point down from the horizontal position.

They are:

0°, 2.5°, 5°, 7.5°, 10°, 12°, 14°, 16°, 18, 20 & 22°

If you don’t need all that extra flexibility, check out 24140 (rated to 35kg)

24110 features:

  • For loudspeakers up to max. 50 kg
  • Equally suited for home, object and public venues
  • With a patented expanding mandrel ensuring wobble-free loudspeaker hold
  • Suitable for flange bushings – internal diameter 33-37 mm
  • Extension arm range from 0° to 22° (in 10 positions)
  • Loudspeaker can face any direction using the expanding mandrel

For installation information, check the pdf:


Adjustment: gradual in 11 settings
Angle of inclination: 0° to 22°
Material: steel
Max. load capacity: 50 kg
Mounting: attaches to walls
Mounting bolt: straddling bearing-anchors diameter 35 to 37 mm x 85 mm
Special features: patented straddling bearing-anchors; guarantee effective clamping of speaker in any position; resonance-optimised construction
Type: black
Wall-to-bolt clearance: 420 mm
Weight: 2.63 kg

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