Konig & Meyer 258

Table clamp with telescopic boom arm

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This very flexible clamp and boom arm system works equally well on a desk, or tube – such as a microphone or speaker stand.

Let’s start with the clamp – it has a usable clamping width of 0 to 53mm, allowing for securing on a variety of surfaces, including the edge of a desk, bench or table, a microphone stand, or even a speaker stand – thanks to the combination of flat and rounded surfaces on the jaws of the clamp.

A sophisticated mechanism allows the clamp to be rotated 360°. At the same time the height and position can be varied as required.

Boom arm length range: 560 – 1,020mm

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Clamping:locking screw
Clamping range:up to 53 mm
Height (length):from 560 to 1,020 mm
Rod combination:2-piece folding design
Threaded connector:5/8″
Weight:0.76 kg