Konig & Meyer

Konig & Meyer 25960

Low Boom Stand (round base)

Order Code: 25960-500-55
Our Price: $135.00

Clever little stand (cleverly designed), typically used for stage and studio applications where vibrations are to be kept to a minimum and a small but sturdy footprint is required.

The heavy cast-iron round base (250mm Ø) has an anti-vibration rubber insert.

Weight: 6.0kg,
Height, 430mm,
Boom Arm Length: 425-725mm.

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Base diameter 250 mm
Boom arm 2-piece telescopic design
Boom arm clamping wing nut
Boom arm length from 470 - 775 mm
Height 430 mm
Leg construction heavy round cast-iron base
Material steel
Special features

anti-vibration rubber insert for noise filtration

Threaded connector 5/8"
Type black
Weight 5.29 kg