Konig & Meyer 26750

Speaker stand – round cast iron base

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With a heavy round cast iron base, and height adjustable from 950 – 1430mm, this speaker stand looks stylish for many occasions.

Benefits over a traditional tripod speaker stand: no legs to trip over, aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re quickly loading in/out of many gigs, this may not be the stand for you, as the pack up time is somewhat increased from the traditional fold-down tripod style stand.

However, if you do prefer the look of 26750, make sure you get yourself a base carry case while you’re at it – 26751

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Base diameter: 450 mm
Height: from 950 to 1,430 mm
Height adjustment: locking screw and safety pin
Leg construction: round cast-iron base
Material: steel
Max. load capacity: 35 kg
Rod combination: 2-piece folding design
Special features: for stationary use;
  speaker will be fixed with flange adapter
Tube end(s) diameter: 35 mm
Type: black
Weight: 8.34 kg