Van Damme 268-525-000-2

Black Series Tour Grade Speaker Cable (2 x 2.5mm) – 200m

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When it comes to rugged speaker cable that gets your PA singing, Van Damme has got you covered.

Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade Speaker Cable provides ultra pure copper conductors, cutting edge PVC compounds and dynamic user-focused construction, for accurate signal transmission, toughness and flexibility.

This 2 conductor version is big on the inside (2 x 2.5mm), and manageable on the outside, with an OD of 7.6mm

Conductor stranding: 50 x 0.25mm
Conductor resistance: 7.65 Ω/km

Other features:
Matt black jacket for on stage use
Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper
Flexible PVC composite outer

This is for a 200m roll of 2 x 2.5mm Black Series Tour Grade speaker cable
For smaller cable runs, try 268-525-000 (per meter pricing)

Van Damme cable is built tough, to withstand the rigours of touring and frequent use.

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