Konig & Meyer 29390

Heavy Desk Mic Base with XLR connector

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Heavy Desk Mic Base with XLR connector.

Use 29390 as the ultimate in a sturdy, yet portable, housing for your lectern microphone. At nearly 2.5 kg, it’s heavier than most desk-base units available, so there is absolutely no chance of your microphone toppling over – no matter how long the gooseneck.

You get a female 3-pin XLR on top, and a male (for output) at the rear of 29390.

For those who like to tinker customise things, there is a removable plate, suitable for fitting switches, indicators, controls or connectors, with access to space for additional circuitry.

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Dimensions: 160 x 150 x 51 mm
Female connector for microphone: 3-pin XLR
Material: zinc die-cast
Plug connection mixer: 3-pin XLR plug
Special features: wired
Type: black
Weight: 2.44 kg